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Attention! Our church is in precautionary circumstances!

Attention, dear parishioners. Because of threat of COVID-19 in the state of Nevada, the entire territory of the state is quarantinned. Our church will work in a modified and individual regime. Please follow recommended sanitary suggestions and take precaution measures: Wash your hands, follow hygiene measures, avoid crowds of people, seek medical aid when you feel sick.

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Father! my name is Polina but baptized under the name Pelageya. Was born on July 5 1969, when the Day of my Angel should be celebrated? Thank you for the answer.

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Physical Death and Spiritual Death
03.04.2020 00:21
Archimandrite Gregorios (Estephan)

Whoever listens to the prayers that we read earlier, asking the Lord to have mercy on us and expel plagues from us, will realize that everything is happening because of our sins.

Reflections in Quarantine
03.04.2020 00:11
Archimandrite Andreas (Konanos)

A virus comes and unexpectedly says to many: “Stop!” Without asking, without permission, without any elementary discussion! And that is that! It didn’t say: “Let us talk.”

Greek Church to publicly celebrate Pascha on leavetaking of feast in May, donates $160,000+ to fight coronavirus
02.04.2020 05:10
While the Greek Orthodox Church has officially petitioned the state to at least allow clergy to celebrate Holy Week and Paschal services behind closed doors, the Holy Synod decided yesterday to transfer the public celebration of Pascha to the leavetaking of the feast on the night of May 26-27, by which time, God-willing, the churches will have reopened.

Patriarchate of Constantinople gives $99,600+ to Turkish, Greek governments to fight coronavirus
02.04.2020 03:01
To contribute towards the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the Patriarchate of Constantinople has provided more than $99,600 in financial assistance to the governments of both Turkey and Greece.

First Hierarch of ROCOR calls on clergy, faithful to humble themselves, obey bishops and local authorities
02.04.2020 02:53
Those clergy and laymen who, out of a zeal not according to knowledge, are disobeying the directives of their hierarchs and local authorities during this time of pandemic risk causing unforeseen consequences both on a parish and a wider-community scale, writes His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion, the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, in a new letter to his flock, published on the official ROCOR website.

Moscow’s Sretensky Monastery begins daily processions and molebens for deliverance from coronavirus
02.04.2020 01:55
Due to the growing threat of the virus, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has blessed monasteries to hold daily processions and molebens either at noon or following the evening service.

Orthodox composer Arvo Part wins internat’l Frontiers of Knowledge prize for new approach to spiritual music
02.04.2020 01:27
The jury highlighted that the composer’s pieces are “a fresh approach to spiritual music, especially in his choral oeuvre, that reduces the musical material to the essence.”

What Is True Repentance?
02.04.2020 00:27
A Homily After the Great Canon on the Fifth Thursday of Great Lent
Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov

True repentance is impossible without the renewal of a constant petition, invocation, repentant falling, prayer, and supplication to the Heavenly Father. It’s also a sign of the forgiveness of sins—the constant turning of the mind and heart to God.

“I Am Because We Are”
02.04.2020 00:23
A Homily on the Spirit of Great Lent
Fr. Christopher Hill

And yet, behind all things, behind joys and affliction, we hear the good voice of God calling us.

Greek Metropolitan of Chicago who canceled diocesan services leads ecumenical prayer with Catholics and Protestants (+VIDEO)
01.04.2020 04:48
Last week, Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America of the Patriarchate of Constantinople led an ecumenical prayer service with the Catholic Cardinal and Evangelical Lutheran bishop of Chicago.

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