Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. (Eph.1:2)
Гравюра. автор Юлиус Шнорр фон Карольсфельд.

Tuesday of Holy Cross week.

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Thousands of faithful again fill the Kiev Caves Lavra on Sunday of the Cross (+VIDEO)
20.03.2023 05:40
Despite false reports that circulated online over the weekend, the abbot of the monastery, His Eminence Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, remains in the monastery and served on both Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Top Ukrainian hierarchs at the Office of the President to convey their position (+VIDEO)
20.03.2023 04:26
The Holy Synod of the UOC gathered today to formulate a response to the state’s plans to drive the brotherhood of the Kiev Caves Lavra out of its home.

Ukrainian Church responds to latest provocation from schismatic Epiphany Dumenko
20.03.2023 03:59
In fact, on the shoulders of the monks of the monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the head of the OCU wants to go to the Lavra and take advantage of their many years of work, assigning them to his structure.

Lithuania: Constantinople’s defrocked priests serve first Liturgy, Patriarch Bartholomew to visit
20.03.2023 03:52
Yesterday, the defrocked clerics of Lithuania who have gathered under the omophorion of the Patriarch of Constantinople held their first public Liturgy.

Bulgarian, Serbian, ROCOR hierarchs in defense of UOC and Kiev Caves Lavra
20.03.2023 03:46
Hierarchs from various Local Churches have begun speaking out in defense of the persecuted Ukrainian Orthodox Church and brotherhood of the Kiev Caves Lavra, which the Ukrainian state intends to evict from its home by the end of the month.

Jerusalem bishop and priest attacked by Israeli radicals during Liturgy in Gethsemane (+VIDEO)
20.03.2023 01:59
On Sunday, two men targeted the Church of Gethsemane in Jerusalem where the Tomb of the Most Holy Theotokos is located and attacked Archbishop Joachim of Helenopolis and one of the priest who was serving.

A Call For Prayer: Persecution against the Kiev Cave Monks
20.03.2023 00:16
Bishop Irenei (Steenberg)

To all pious Christians, above all I exhort you to pray. Pray to our Almighty God that He will work a miracle amongst His pious flock in Ukraine.

Kosovo. An Effective Recipe for Return
19.03.2023 23:58
Serbian notes
Stepan Ignashev

It is not easy to be a Serb and Orthodox in your native land--the price for your faithfulness to Christ and the Fatherland is often very high, sometimes even life itself.

Homily on the Sunday of the Cross
19.03.2023 00:05
St. John of Kronstadt

Look, how the Lord as if announces to us from the Cross what He has endured for us.

The Third Sunday of Great Lent. The Veneration of the Cross
18.03.2023 23:02


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