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How to Pray?
08.12.2023 23:47
On Fasting and Prayer. Part 2/3
St. Justin (Polyansky) of Ufa and Menzelinsk

Absorb every word of prayer, bringing the meaning of every word into your heart; that is, understand what you read and feel what you have understood.

St. Nicholas, patron of sailors, celebrated on Greek island of Syros
08.12.2023 01:19
St. Nicholas the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker is one of the most beloved saints throughout the entire Orthodox world, and every year, his feast is celebrated with great festivity.

OCA church in Moscow celebrates patronal feast with representatives of 6 Local Churches
08.12.2023 01:04
Archpriest Daniel Andrejuk and the clergy of St. Catherine’s were joined by the hierarchs and clergy serving in other representation churches in the Russian capital.

Bulgarian film on St. Ephraim of Nea Makri recognized by anti-drug contest (+VIDEO)
08.12.2023 00:07
The documentary has been the most popular film about a saint in Bulgaria over the past three years since it was released.

Feast of St. Gerasimos the Hymnographer, canonized this year, celebrated for first time (+VIDEO)
07.12.2023 23:34
His feast was celebrated with special joy by Metropolitan Panteleimonos of Veria, who was a spiritual child of the newly canonized St. Gerasimos.

OCA makes appeal for St. Olga of Alaska miracle stories
07.12.2023 21:50
The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America canonized Matushka Olga of Alaska (†1979) at its session in early November.

How to Prepare for Prayer?
07.12.2023 21:18
On Fasting and Prayer. Part 2/2
St. Justin (Polyansky) of Ufa and Menzelinsk

Thus, if you want to pray, gather all your thoughts, lay aside all external, earthly cares, and present your mind to God and gaze upon Him.

The Elder Gave Us a Formula for Salvation: “Preserve Love and You’ll Be Saved”
07.12.2023 20:59
On St. Gabriel (Urgebadze)
David Giorgobiani

Fr. Gabriel showed us another world, he showed us Christ—living and active.

Federal employee blows the whistle about gov’t child trafficking, finds his way to the Orthodox faith (+VIDEO)
07.12.2023 01:15
Jesse Dominick

“This is what’s basically saved me,” Stevenson said about his path over the past three years.

Romanian abbess, nun for 74 years and spiritual child of Elder Arsenie (Boca), reposes in the Lord
07.12.2023 00:40
She spent the last 37 of those years as abbess of the Prislop Monastery.

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